Steven Hickling
Media Composer
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Steven Hickling is an exciting young media composer based in Central London. Steven’s music has been used in a broad range of broadcast media; from WWE wrestling to a New Year’s address from The Pope. Having written albums for music editor Bradley Farmer (Baby Driver, Over the Moon) at Arrow Production Music, Steven has gone on to produce tracks for EMI, Warner and several other international publishers. Steven has also written music for the comedian Wisebowm (Steve Whiteley) for both his live stand-up and a BBC Radio 4 show, Wisebowm: The Struggle is Real.

Steven is currently working on scores for various independent computer games, short films, and has recently completed two new albums released by EMI / KPM.

Having previously collaborated with writer-director Peter Fellows (Avenue 5) on several short films and a six-part web series, Prime Cut – which featured around 50 minutes of score – Steven is excited to be contributing to new, future projects.


Library & Production Music

Music on ArrowBAMKPM / EMI & TFJ has been used in a wide range of broadcast media, all around the world. Recent synchronisations include Hollyoaks, the Miami Open, the PGA TourBBC News’ Click and WWE Smackdown.

Prime Cut

Prime Cut, a dark thriller following YouTube prankster Paddy, who wants to make it to the top of internet video making community, by any means necessary. The OST is on streaming services and the full album is available on Bandcamp.

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Full Original Soundtrack
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